My bookish week

I’m easing myself back into the blog with a bit of a round up with lots of pictures of what I’ve been reading and acquiring this week. You know, before I go all hardcore and attempt an actual book review.

This week I have read comics and fiction and memoir. I’ve also had some lovely books come in the post. First, to the reading…

Here’s the comics I read (I know, it’s not as many as I bought). Limbo is a new story full of amnesiac P.I. supernatural weirdness creepy crime boss sultry singer in peril action. The kind of thing I like.

I also like Sarah Moss’s writing. A lot. I’ve been reading Night Waking on the bus and train this week, but am not quite halfway in yet. It’s really very good. Very very good. There are very strong statements about motherhood and gender politics woven into an intriguing story. In places I found myself thinking about Helen Walsh’s Go To Sleep, another excellent book.

Daddy’s Girls is taking me ages to read, because I devote barely any time to it. It’s entertaining but a bit throwaway, and there’s not enough dirty bits to make it a properly satisfying bonkbuster.  I’m reading a chapter here and there.

Carrie Brownstein’s memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is completely satisfying. I’ve read half of it this weekend and it brilliant. It’s well told, with intelligence and a self-deprecating air that I’m finding very charming and endearing. I already loved her for Sleater-Kinney, of course, but I think I probably love her for her now too.

In the post this week have been some treasures. The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood looks set to cause a few tears when it’s published in April next year, as does Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit next January.
I also have a copy of the sequel to The Dreamsnatcher, which I absolutely loved. The Shadow Keeper is out next February, and came in an exciting package with a puzzle to solve. And I’m in the acknowledgements!

While I’m doing a little showing off, here’s one last book I got sent. It’s called The Secrets of Generation and inside is an essay co-written by me. Really truly me in a proper book. I’m still not sure I believe it’s truly happened, despite the evidence!

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