The Branford Boase Award Shortlist

Hooray, today is Branford Boase Award Shortlist day. I have so nearly read the whole longlist, just one book has eluded me but, it is now in the library waiting for me. I’m off to pick it up later today, and then I can finish my posts on all 29 longlisted titles.
The shortlist has some of my personal favourites on it. The judges have chosen the following:
Winter Damage by Natasha Carthew, edited by Rebecca McNally
Geek Girl by Holly Smale, edited by Lizzie Clifford
Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones, edited by Marga Bergman
Red Ink by Julie Mayhew, edited by Emily Thomas
Alex, the Dog, and the Unopenable Door by Ross Montgomery, edited by Rebecca Lee & Susilia Baybars
Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood, edited by Venetia Gosling
The Poison Boy by Fletcher Moss, edited by Imogen Cooper & Barry Cunningham
Once I’ve read my last book I’ll be able to choose my own shortlist. I think I concur with about the half the list, but I might make a few changes! There is absolutely no doubt that Wild Boy will be on it. My love for it hasn’t faded since I first read it last year and I am thrilled to see it on the shortlist.
There’s more information on the Branford Boase Award website. It seems like an age until the prize ceremony on July 10th, but I’m sure the time will fly!

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