Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill

Today’s blog post has been written by my niece Charlotte, so I shall hand you straight over…

Darcy Burdock
Darcy Burdock is about a young girl who lives with her crazy family in London. Her most favourite thing in the world, apart from her pet lamb Lam-Beth, is writing stories.
I really enjoyed this book because it is about a girl who likes to write stories about funny random things that pop into her head. Some of her stories are based on things that are happening to her in the book at that time but others are just crazy things she thinks of. I like the idea that Darcy’s stories are incorporated in the book, which is her diary. I love diary style books because you can always see the characters inner thoughts and feelings, I think that this makes the story more interesting. I really like Darcy’s attitude and the way she thinks about things because she is very inquisitive. I think her drawings are really amusing but very messy.
There wasn’t very much I didn’t like about Darcy Burdock except that she does sometimes drift off about random things but I suppose that’s the whole point of a diary, isn’t it?
I would recommend this book to girls aged 7-11 because it is a medium-length book but a hilarious read. 

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