Carnegie Medal Shortlist 2013: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

I read Wonder last year when it first came out. I was absolutely blown away by the story; I adored Auggie and the book’s message about kindness. This is what I wrote about it then:

“This is an outstanding novel, truly beautiful and moving. August’s facial deformity means that his life is characterized by the double-take as people register his unusual looks. He understands why they do this, but it’s still awful to deal with every time he meets someone new. Attending school for the first time could be traumatic then. Being the new kid can be tough at the best of times, and Auggie does certainly go through it. He has an amazing family to help him out, and a wonderful Head Teacher whose maxim encouraging everyone to practice being a little kinder than necessary is such a lovely sentiment. How much better a place to live the world would be if we all followed his advice.

Auggie’s first year at school is told from a variety of perspectives; his friends and family get a say as well as Auggie himself. I love the way this gives a more rounded story. It is a story about tolerance, hope and understanding. It is a teary read at times, but I finished it feeling uplifted, happier and very thankful for friends and family.”

I still feel the same way about Wonder; I think it is a wonderful book. Being reminded to be kind never goes amiss. I hope lots of people of all ages continue to read this story for many years to come.

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