FINAL UPDATE!Time for an update...Come on everybody, let's Bloggiesta!  Natasha from Maw Books Blog came up with Bloggiesta  - the idea of devoting some specific time to perfect your blog and connect with other bloggers. It's now co-hosted by Suey andDanielle. The little mascot is PEDRO (Plan, Edit, Develop, Review Organize) - how cute!I only found out about Bloggiesta today… Continue reading Bloggiesta!

The Emperor of All Things by Paul Witcover

Welcome to 1758, a tumultuous time in English history, a time of war and invasion fears. Also a time of reason and Enlightenment, as knowledge blossomed. And a time of magic, the unexplained, fearsome dragons and treacherous clockmakers. Hang on, something's not quite right there, this is not the 1758 I've read about in history… Continue reading The Emperor of All Things by Paul Witcover

Seoul Survivors by Naomi Foyle

Seoul Survivors is a full-on, non-stop near-future apocalyptic fertility-dystopian scare of a novel. Seriously, it does not let up for a moment. There are three main storylines, that connect and converge at points throughout the novel but are also fundamentally enmeshed together. Sydney has come to South Korea to persue her dreams of modelling. Damien… Continue reading Seoul Survivors by Naomi Foyle