Supernatural: Fresh Meat by Alice Henderson

Supernatural: Fresh Meat

How delicious, the Supernatural boys in a book. Fresh Meat takes place during Season 7 of the show, but is a completely new story. Somehow, despite it being one of my favourite shows, this is the first of the tie-in novels I’ve read. I really enjoyed it, and I’m now considering going back and filling in from the beginning. I found something very satisfying about spending time in the crazy mixed-up world of weird and spooky happenings in book form. For one, it lasts longer than a TV episode, and you get to use your own imagination. Win win, I’d say.

The brothers are in Nevada dealing with a very aggressive ghost, a real mean spirit called George Drechler. Turns out he’s the least of the Winchester’s problems. A report about the death of five hikers over the last three years in Tahoe National Forest grabs their attention. An unidentified bear is getting the blame, but Sam and Dean suspect a wendigo. If anyone remembers the wendigo episode (Season 1, Episode 2), then you’ll know it means big trouble. They’re horrible, post-human, flesh-eating monsters – freakishly strong and fast, and very tricksy. Luckily, Bobby is up for the chase, and they join forces with a local hunter too.

Now, I don’t want to give anything away, but a wendigo may not be the only beastie lurking in the woods. Things couldn’t be that simple where the Winchesters are concerned. Add a snowstorm of epic proportions, and some old foes with revenge on their minds and you’re starting to get the picture! Things get more and more complicated and perilous; there’s no easy route out for any of the monster-butt-kicking fellas.

Alice Henderson tells a good story at a cracking pace. I thought the dialogue captured the characters well, and the action scenes are enjoyably and vividly written. I liked the twists in the story, and there’s some nice uncertainty over who to trust. I’ll admit I called it completely wrong! Fortunately, I’m not a hunter charged with the protection of the world. I am very happy to read about those that are though.

Thank you to Titan Books for very kindly sending me a copy of Fresh Meat to review. The book is published 22 February 2013.

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