New Arrivals…

Three gorgeous new books have dropped onto my mat this week. I’m excited about the whole trio. First up is a very recently published YA debut novel.

Every year at an exclusive private boarding school in New York State, the graduating students uphold an old tradition – they must swear an oath of secrecy and leave behind a “treasure” for each incoming senior.

When Duncan Meade inherits the room and the secrets of Tim Macbeth, he uncovers evidence of a clandestine romance, and unravels the truth behind one of the biggest mysteries in the school’s history.

This one promises to be emotional.

Next up is Lauren Beukes’ The Shining Girls.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

But what if death came back to try again?

A pattern of murders across an unfeasibly long timespan sounds terrifying. This one might keep me awake at night – I can’t wait to read it.

Finally I am also the happy recipient of Jenny Mayhew’s A Wolf in Hindelheim.

How fabulous does the proof look? I love all those statements on the cover. There’s a very interesting foreword from the author discussing the themes of indoctrination and irrational thinking that has whetted my appetite for the book even more.

I’m looking forward to reading all of these little lovelies – The Tragedy Paper is out now from Doubleday, The Shining Girls is published at the beginning of May by HarperCollins, and The Wolf In Hindleheim is also published in May, by Hutchinson. Thank you so much to all the publishers for sending me copies for review.

1 thought on “New Arrivals…”

  1. These all look really interesting in their own ways! I really like the cover of The Tragedy Paper, and the story of A Wolf in Hindelheim sounds very tempting indeed. I hadn't heard of these two before so I am off to investigate further! Thanks for sharing them.


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