Wenceslas by Carol Ann Duffy

Wenceslas: A Christmas Poem

I know it still isn’t officially Christmas time yet, but I am starting to get a bit excited about the lovely Christmas books available this year. One fairly new tradition I look forward to is the publication of Carol Ann Duffy’s Christmas poem. These gorgeous little hardbacks are so collectible; I have them all. Well, except for the one my niece smuggled away a couple of Christmas’ back. Well, share the bounty of books, that’s my motto.
This year’s poem is called Wenceslas. The cover is gorgeous, I especially love the robin perched down in the corner. The illustrations are by Stuart Kolakovic, and inside, every page is a treat.

 Here’s the good king himself surveying his realm.

This is one of my favourite pages

‘where a fox and a vixen curled in a den
as the Moon scowled
at the cold, bold, gold glare of an Owl.’

Look at the Moon scowling, it is just so expressive.

And here is the magnificent feast, in the decorated grand hall, with entertainments as well as food.

I just love it, and the poem’s message is a welcome one. Kindness, thoughtfulness and sharing are excellent qualities to cultivate all year round, but have that extra special resonance at Christmas time. 

Thank you so much to the lovely people at Macmillan for sending me such a treat.

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